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If you’d like to contact us about a project or have a question about an order, shoot us an email here. Please do not ask about sold out posters, if they are not in stock on the website they are out of stock.


Do you have a physical location?
Yes, Status Serigraph is located in beautiful downtown Knoxville, TN at 310 West Jackson Ave Suite 102 Knoxville, TN 37902. The location is a functioning studio, but has a retail portion that you are welcome to visit to purchase a poster or anything else we sell.

Can I commission you to design something for me?
Status Serigraph is a full service graphic design studio who has done work for many major bands, festivals and companies. Feel free to contact us in regards to any project you have that we may be able to help with. Inquiries can be sent here on the contact page email form. That being said, we are no longer screen printing anyone else’s work than our own. If you need screen printing done we suggest you contact our pals The Half and Half or Subject Matter Studio.

I ordered a poster on your webstore, how long will it be before I get it?
Our website asks to allow 2-4 weeks for delivery on any and all orders from the webstore. While we try our best to get out orders as fast as we can this is a small business and sometimes a heavy workload sets us back. Once the item has shipped you should receive a shipping notification with tracking info. If for some reason you have not received your order in this timeframe feel free to contact us with the above contact form.

I am looking for a poster that you did that is marked as SOLD OUT or is not on your store.
If a poster is marked as SOLD OUT or is not listed on the site then it is not available for purchase online. Please do not send emails asking about SOLD OUT posters as they will not be replied to.

Do you reprint your posters?
No, unless the client asks for something to be reprinted nothing is ever reprinted. Our posters are limited editions and are made in small batches to keep them collectable. We do not reprint as to keep the integrity of the posters that have been created as well as sticking to the agreements that we have with the bands involved. Please do not ask for a reprint of a poster.

How are your posters made?
All of the posters available on this site are screen printed with water-based inks on heavy card stock paper (unless noted otherwise). These handprinted posters have a unique feel and look to them as opposed to a standard digitally printed poster. 

Does the poster look like the online image?
For the most part, the poster will look exactly like the image you see on the screen. But, in some cases, the actual poster will be a lot brighter in person than the images will represent. There may also be small flaws in the ink coverage, this is inherent in the screen printing process when its done by hand… and in my opinion, gives the print more character.